No Pink Spandex » Mark Dacascos joins “Hawaii Five-0″

Mark Dacascos joins “Hawaii Five-0″

Mark Dacascos (Advent Master Eubulon from Kamen Rider Dragon Knight) made his second of many appearances in tonight’s episode of Hawaii Five-0 on CBS.

He plays the role of Wo Fat, a part made famous by Khigh Dhiegh in the original ’70s series as the arch foe of Five-0 leader Steve McGarrett.  His official introduction to his enemies comes after the arrest of Hiro Noshimuri on the Kaimuki Golf Course, simply giving his name with a smirk before riding off in a golf cart.  The episode is #113, “Ke Kinohi (The Beginning)”.

Given the history of his character, there’s no telling for how long his role will recur.

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