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Topless Robot’s “Mighty” Series List

I wasn’t going to post about this, but looking over this recent Topless Robot list of The 8 Mightiest Power Rangers Series again, I couldn’t ignore it. From 8 to 1, they start out with Zeo. Putting my own bias aside, I let that go…until I saw Wild Force at Number 5! And then I sorta let that slide (by a bare margin) until RPM wasn’t even on the list! Come. on.

I don’t mean to go hard on this guy, but I’m so over the folks that fill their lists of “serious” seasons and call them the best ever. Sprinkling the list with Zeo and Dino Thunder can only carry you so far. Oh yes, and the obligatory Mighty Morphin as Number 1.

To end on a good note, more people writing about Power Rangers is always a good thing. But damn, advice: Watch RPM.

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