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Fall Line of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers 2010 Toys

February means one thing to toy collectors: Toy Fair. Every year this is where we get a sneak of what mounds of plastic eagerly await their chance to clean out our wallets. Having recently gotten a taste of Bandai of America’s new Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers line we were all wondering what would be in store for the rest of the year. What old toys would be re-released with a modern twist? Which memories from our childhood would be passed by in favor of today’s trends? As expected we got a very mixed bag of products that has left some fans happy, some fans disappointed and all fans hoping for more.

Deluxe Mix & Morph Titanus Base ($32.99 SRP): The first toy on our list really demonstrates the polarization of the hardcore collectors. For those who don’t know, the Mix & Morph line is based around Bandai of America’s extremely popular Ben 10 alien creation line. It basically allows you to take small versions the individual arms, legs and torsos of your favorite rangers and zords to combine them in any way that you see fit. It’s perfect for letting your imagination run wild.

On the flip side, we have Titanus. MMPR was back in the day before every ranger team had dozens of zords. Titanus – much like the Dino Megazord – was a sacred cow not to be messed with. Now they’ve been combined. I see it as the best of both worlds. The Megazord can ride on Titanus just like he did nearly two decades ago and kids can continue to create their own ranger/zord hybrids. But this begs the question: where’s the Dragonzord? The first season of MMPR had three main zords. We have the first. The third is confirmed. But where is the second?

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Mighty Morphin Cycle with Figure ($12.99 SRP): This has been a staple of every single Power Rangers line. What’s better than a Power Ranger? How about a Power Ranger riding a motorcycle? That’s like combining peanut butter and chocolate. Two great tastes taste great together. That being said, over the years this aspect of the line has been met with mixed results. Some bikes are from the actual show. Some are thrown together to just fill out the line. Fans continue to question the odd suit designs of the figures on the bikes.

Our first cycle figures of the year featured the male rangers riding amalgamated versions of the dinosaurs. In fact, BoA went so far to keep the “males only” rule in effect that the Green Ranger rode a yellow Sabertooth Tiger. They also had traditional cycles which could be combined as new arms and legs to the deluxe Dino Megazord. This new line features a ripcord gimmick that will allow the cycles to move on their own. They will also be able to combine with the Dino Megazord.

Mighty Morphin – Morphin Racer with Figure ($17.99 SRP): To understand this part of the line picture Transformers meets Power Rangers. BoA is taking the concept of allowing kids to create their own megazords to the next level. Instead of just attaching arms and legs made out of cycles to the Dino Megazord base these cars that feature decals can morph into their own megazord torso. Its mix & morph on a whole other level.

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Other toys include the traditional action feature rangers that go for $9.99. This time around they shoot projectiles from their shoulders.

We also have the Power Rangers Air Attack Megazord retailing at $44.99 making it the most expensive toy thus far of the new MMPR line. That’s right. The megazord flies. I don’t care how much hardcore fanboys sandbag and pretend otherwise, that’s cool as heck.

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Speaking of the hardcore fans, you may be asking what else is out there for you to anticipate? The list might not be as long as you’d hope for but what is there delivers. The basic figure line continues with the White Ranger and the core three male rangers decked out in the Green Ranger’s dragon shield. The Green Ranger himself gets a toy only upgrade that includes more gold and silver highlights. I’m getting a Magna Defender vibe from him myself.

The cutesy, two inch line also expands featuring the Red Ranger with the dragon shield, the White Ranger, the Dino Megazord and the Dragonzord in Battle Mode.

Another interesting toy is a replica of the original morpher that shoot both the original dino coins and oddly enough the ninja coins. Could this be a sign of how deep BoA is planned to go into its MMPR catalog?

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That’s all we have for now. I wouldn’t expect this to be the depth of the MMPR line for the entire fall. Typically, there is a moderate release of toys between the initial spring releases and the second big wave in the fall. I expect many of the above toys to hit in the next few months. From the wacky and the weird to the mainstays and collectibles, Bandai of America’s Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers has it all…

…including Jason and Tommy as cellphones.

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