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Cast Your Vote for the Power Up Video Challenge

I really wasn’t expecting much from the finalists, but darn these kids are so cute with their little Power Ranger videos and all, especially Calling All Rangers. Yes, it’s a kid standing there against green screen playing with his toys, but the kid morphs! And it’s so cute!

So cast your vote for the Power Up Video Challenge!

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The kids did a pretty good job. Most of it was probably just done by their parents though.

Did you guys check out the story boards? Storyboard 4 is my favorite:

Just then the power rangers megazords combined together. And the stopped the venjix and saved the day. And then the mighty morphing power rangers went back to sleep until they were needed again.

…and that’s it. Well done kid, well done.

Ryan Haylett added these pithy words on Jan 11 10 at 8:35 pm