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Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is Still Cancelled

GaijINside is reporting that Kamen Rider Dragon Knight may come back next year to finish off the final 2 episodes, and that the final 2 episodes will be available on the 4Kids website. Here’s the official statement from Adness Entertainment:

On behalf of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight and Adness Entertainment, I wanted to personally thank all the fans for the tremendous outpouring of support we have received for the show.

Kamen Rider Dragon Knight is, as of now, scheduled to air through December 26, 2009. The broadcaster has the option of taking a break from the series to make way for any special programming they may have planned for January 2010. We want to assure our fans that the channel is free to bring back Kamen Rider and continue to air the series at any time.

After December 26th, the last two episodes of the series will be available for online viewing on the 4Kids website.

Again, thank you for watching and for your support.

That’s just a nice way of Adness trying to save face. Sorry kids, the show is still cancelled.

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