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Final Airing Schedule For Power Rangers RPM

Here is the final airing schedule for Power Rangers RPM, and for most, the scheduling will be bittersweet:

September 19 – Episode 24 – 12:30pm ET
September 26 – Episodes 25 & 26 – Noon-1pm ET
October 3 – Episodes 27 & 28 – Noon-1pm ET
December 19 – Episodes 29 & 30 – Noon-1pm ET
December 26 – Episodes 31 & 32 – Noon-1pm ET

On the one hand, it’s great that we don’t have to wait until next year to see the finale, but on the other hand, the finale premieres on Boxing Day!? (For the Americans who don’t know, Boxing Day is the day after Christmas.) I’d rather have a huge break for the show and then ramp it back up in the new year, but it’s not surprising that Disney wants to get RPM out of the way as fast as possible.

(Courtesy: BurgundyRanger via Rangerboard)

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