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Topless Robot’s 10 Greatest Life-Sized Toys Ever

NPS’s Jer keeps bringing up Topless Robot, so finally I actually remember to write about one of their lists. In The 10 Greatest Life-Sized Weapon and Accessory Toys Ever, they give two nods to Power Rangers. So these people have to be awesome. Here’s Number 6:

Power Rangers’ Power Gun/Blade Blaster and Power Morpher

[...] Yes, we couldn’t all live the glorious lives of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers like Jason, Kimberly, Trini, Zach, Billy, and Tommy, but we could dream, and the sweet Morpher that came with the toy set in question went a long way. The Power Morpher lit up, had built-in sound effects and came with all five original power coins. The package also included the super sweet Power Gun, which could convert to become the “Power Sword” (sorry He-Man) for close range combat, and looked like a T-Rex to boot, so dino- awesomeness points have to be awarded for that.

Read the rest of the article to find out what other Power Rangers toy made it on the list, and how far up!

(Courtesy: Jer)

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