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No Pink Spandex Behind-the-Scenes: Anime Expo 2009

Over the past 3 years and 10 months, No Pink Spandex has done a lot of work, but the fans of the podcast never get to see what goes on behind the scenes. Granted, myself talking into a microphone is not all that exciting to see, but in the past almost-four years, we’ve been to many conventions, and finally have some behind-the-scenes pictures to show you! And some tales too!

NPS interviews Roger Velasco.
(Picture courtesy: Henshin Vault)

After flying in early Thursday afternoon, getting a flat tire, and completely missing the SPD and Lost Galaxy cast, I was through. I couldn’t take anymore disappointment! But meeting Roger Velasco (Carlos from Power Rangers Turbo, Power Rangers in Space) really perked up my spirits, and he was such an easy guy to talk to. Unfortunately he was the first interview, and we were having some major audio problems. I was so afraid that it would be like this for the rest of the weekend, but I quickly troubleshooted it for Selwyn Ward’s (TJ from Power Rangers Turbo, Power Rangers in Space) interview right after. Selwyn looks exactly the same as he was on the show eons ago. If you didn’t know by now, black people don’t age. It’s true. Look at Walter Jones! But I digress.

Interviewing Selwyn was a little nerve-wracking for me because…well, I don’t know why. All I remember is being very nervous, but he was a sweetheart, and he knew when to dish out the dirt! Loved it! In fact, when asked about Christopher Khayman Lee (Andros from Power Rangers in Space), him and Roger both had to hesitate and both said the same thing about Chris being more to himself. Very interesting.

Production Assistant and Cameraman Tristan helps set up for the day.
(Picture courtesy: No Pink Spandex)

Friday, we had a bunch of interviews, including Steve Cardenas, Karan Ashley, and Nakia Burrise. Every morning, the NPS crew were stationed 3 feet away from Steve and Karan’s table, so after seeing each other for 3 days straight for 8 hours a day (give or take), people get loopy. There was a lot of waiting around for rangers to sneak away time to come by us, but since Steve and Karan were right there, they were easy. One of the production assistants, Johnathan, mentioned that Karan was really happy to see me. Karan’s really happy period!

Lisa J meeting Nakia Burrise for the first time.
(Picture courtesy: Henshin Vault)

When I was interviewing Steve. JC (the person who organized the reunion at AX) noticed Nakia coming over to the ranger booth and nudged her over to Steve while I was interviewing him so that their reunion could be caught on camera. And it was! Then Nakia came around to me and gave me a hug as well! Ever since I interviewed her back in May 2008 (even before then), we’ve been exchanging emails back and forth. Finally we meet, so I’m glad that moment was caught on camera as well, no matter how bad I look! During her interview though, Steve interrupted by hugging Nakia on camera. Love that guy! If you haven’t seen it, it’s the blooper at the end of Nakia’s video interview.

NPS interviews Blake Foster.
(Picture courtesy: David Fultz)

Then Blake was up next, and the cool tidbit about this was that he had just gotten a tattoo (among others) of the Blue Ranger Turbo helmet on his right arm that Thursday of the convention. Hardcore stuff! The tat was cool, but I’m still old school. I’d still be worried when I’m 80 and everything’s sagging!

Nakia Burrise, Lisa J, and Karan Ashley.
(Picture courtesy: No Pink Spandex)

Finally! A good picture! I had to throw in the obligatory “Chocolatey Goodness – The Female Edition” in there. Makes a sistah proud! A good way to end off Friday, I’d say.

NPS interviews Catherine Sutherland.
(Picture courtesy: Karen Shih)

Saturday was a whirlwind! Many more interviews, the Power Rangers Panel, and did I say more interviews? Interviewing Catherine Sutherland was a trip because I had just interviewed her back in March, so what else was I going to ask her? I didn’t care though, because this woman needs to be on camera as much as possible! Very sweet, and very tall! During the interview, Steve came in midway and hugged Catherine, continuing the Nakia running gag! Again, love that guy when’s he’s bored!

Production Assitant Jessica and Lisa J over by Walter Jones.
(Picture courtesy: Henshin Vault)

Walter Jones was suppose to be at the convention the whole weekend, but he was shooting a vampire movie in Louisiana, got on a plane early Saturday morning to fly into Burbank Airport, rushed home, and then rushed to come right in the middle of the Power Rangers Panel. That’s some dedication! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to interview him. He forgot. Twice. And that’s all I’ll say!

The weekend was a blast! There were some amazing moments that weren’t able to be caught on still camera, but I’m a video person. I tape everything! I’ll be finishing off the Anime Expo coverage this week, and I hope you got more than a glimpse of our experience. This chapter will end but another will open up sooner than you think!

Before I go back into my editing cave, I want to thank you all for making this happen. No Pink Spandex would not have been at Anime Expo without the support and the MANY donations. I’m being very honest. There was a time where I wasn’t going because I didn’t have the funds, but you guys made it happen. If you really want to make more trips like this happen, then keep supporting and keep donating! Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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