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Happy 16th Birthday, Power Rangers!

Where were you 16 years ago on this day? You know where I was? At school, lol! I hadn’t even paid attention to Power Rangers until later on when all of my friends and cousins were telling me about this new, cool show. So I checked it out, saw some Saved By The Bell-esque kids doing martial arts, and I was sold.

For most of you though, August 28th, 1993 was the day that blew your mind. You saw the promos. You probably already saw the toys. And then it was finally time to witness the best show ever! So instead of being our normal jaded selves, lets reminisce on the show that brought a generation together.

May the power protect you!

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I didn’t get the chance to start watching Power Rangers until after two years later. It took that long for them to dub it to spanish! We got the MMPR Movie before we knew who Rocky, Adam and Aisha were! xD

Shirley added these pithy words on Aug 28 09 at 10:24 pm