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Four More Guests for Power Morphicon 2

Three returning guests, one new acquisition.


As POWER RANGERS TIME FORCE’s insurgent commander Ransik, Vernon brought a human face to the leader of the mutant militia and the first real exploration of civil rights in the show’s long history. One of the most well-known character actors ever to appear on Power Rangers, Vernon has appeared in such classic films as Commando, Weird Science and Mad Max, and television series including MacGyver!


As part of the original stunt team for MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS, Danny has been in the suits for creatures from Putties to Rito Revolto to Elgar as well as the original Black Ranger stunt actor for MIGHTY MORPHIN POWER RANGERS: THE MOVIE! But to fans of the series, Danny’s biggest role will always be his trifecta of performances as the human alter ego, suit, and voice actors of POWER RANGERS WILD FORCE’s Jindrax.



Amidst a sea of Red-to-Blue conversions, as Schuyler “Sky” Tate of POWER RANGERS SPD Chris Violette was not only the first Blue Ranger to be promoted to Red, but also played the first second generation Power Ranger in the series history. Chris has also appeared with fellow alums Monica May, Kelson Henderson, and Barnie Duncan in Greg Aronowitz’s Labou.



Best known to PR fans for his turn as the vertically inverted Bridge Carson in POWER RANGERS SPD and creator of the upcoming Power Rangers documentary Morfanominal, Matt is an esteemed actor and director currently hard at work on an exploration of the societal impact of John Hughes’ movies.


(Courtesy: Power Morphicon)

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