No Pink Spandex » Disney To Buy Marvel Enterprises For $4 Billion

Disney To Buy Marvel Enterprises For $4 Billion

According to this link… and the ENTIRE INTERNET, Disney has agreed to buy Marvel Entertainment for an estimated $4 billion dollars.

For Disney, it might take years for them to do anything more than gain licensing fees, which is still an attractive revenue stream for them.

If Power Rangers was still being made, would we have had teamups with Marvel characters? Well, one can always dream.

(Courtesy: CNN)

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This makes we worry for Marvel. People are saying that this is a way for Disney to break into the boy’s market, but most don’t notice they just had one. PR was one of the most successful (if not THE most successful) boys franchise for the better part of a decade, and Disney took it and let it wither away. I think at this point Disney is trying to suck up the competition. But then, I’m paranoid.

Nathan added these pithy words on Sep 01 09 at 10:44 am

Disney bought PR (really, the Saban library which just happened to include PR) and promoted the hell out of it, gave us tons of reruns of old episodes, promoted it some more, and then after promoting it, they promoted it some more for 7 years. They did a lot. So I’ll give them some credit. But I will say that just like Pixar has stayed really awesome, doesn’t mean Disney with futz with Marvel.

Lisa J added these pithy words on Sep 01 09 at 4:06 pm