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Blake Foster on MTV’s Is She Really Going Out With Him?

Blake Foster and his girlfriend Michele recently appeared on the MTV reality series Is She Really Going Out With Him?

Inspired by the popular website Hot Chicks with Douchebags, Is She Really Going Out With Him? is a hilarious and compelling docu-format show that aims to tear down the mystery behind pop culture’s latest unexplainable phenomenon: beautiful and innocent young sweethearts who fall for self-absorbed, overly-tanned, tattoo covered douchebags.

In each episode of Is She Really Going Out With Him? we’ll closely examine one couple as our hot chick eventually leads herself towards making a fateful decision… Will she stay with her douchebag bf or move on to a better man?

Huh.  Not exactly good PR.  That’s “PR” as in “public relations” in Hollywood speak,  not “Puerto Ricans” or “Power Rangers” as I often struggle with.  Really, part of me wants to be sympathetic to Foster as he seems to be a relatively decent guy (at least from Lisa’s interview with him) and his tweeny character from Power Rangers Turbo receives the brunt of the fan hate.

Most American TV viewers in this day and age know and accept that the word “reality” in the term “reality TV” is a stretch of the imagination.  The subjects are scripted, edited, and pop-up text blurbed into whatever little hole the producers want to peg them into.  Some slack can be cut.

However, as the rumors are wont to do, they’re just flying around in the fandom.  Please bear in mind that these are rumors I’m about to post and comment on.  I’m not sure how much should be taken with all the salt of the Atlantic Ocean  and what may have a granule of truth to it.

Here’s something I have a problem with.  MR-Aftershock on Rangerboard, who claims to know Foster made this post:

When Blake auditioned, they were told the show was called “Good Girl with the Bad Boy”

Take a second to think about that.

So Foster thought he was signing up for a show called “Good Girl with the Bad Boy.”  Really?  Really?!

You know what’s a less subtle douche-trap?  A box held up by a stick with a string attached to it that says “Free Ed Hardy tees, DC shoes, and Tats.”  Really.

You know who refers to themselves as “Bad Boys” and are serious about it?  Douchebags.  You know who’s really a bad boy?  No one.   I’m fairly certain that term was invented for a Martin Lawrence and Will Smith movie and that’s all it was ever intended to be.  Really.

And who directed Bad Boys?  Notable douchebag about town, Michael Bay.  Really.

I can’t imagine the pitch for this thing, but I’ll sure try:

For US viewers the entire episode can be viewed here on the MTV website.

(Courtesy:  Tommy and MMPRpinkninja via Rangerboard)

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