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VAMPS Cover “Trouble”

The J-Pop/Rock band VAMPS has recently done a cover of Shampoo’s “Trouble”. Doesn’t sound familiar? Think Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie and that catchy pop tune off the soundtrack.

Below is VAMPS’ version, and I’m not totally sure which one I like better. You decide!

(Courtesy: ShadowNightWolf via Starpoints Rangercrew)

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Ok I like the Shampoo Version So much Better to be honest this just sounded Way too Wrong to be sung by Guys in a Gothic Stance! This is more of a POP Girl angsty song if that is even a word (angsty)! other than that It was interesting to hear another take on the song! It is kinda like Bowling For Soup singing “… Baby One More Time” you know the song made famous by Britney Spears!

Adam51586 added these pithy words on Jun 24 09 at 12:49 am