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Power Morphicon 2 in Summer 2010

The official Power Morphicon site is back up and with great news! The first (and only) Power Rangers convention is coming back in the Summer of 2010 in Los Angeles, and already has a pretty good guest list so far:


An acclaimed author, philanthropist and children’s advocate, Cheryl Saban was one of the earliest writers for Power Rangers, penning such classic episodes as Food Fight and Grumble Bee.


Beginning his work for PR as Jason Frank’s acting coach, Doug Sloan charted a number of roles over the series including Kimberly’s Uncle Steve and Prince Gasket, as well as writing and directing several classic episodes before returning to helm PR’s first two seasons under Disney stewardship.


The man behind the mic for PR’s first ten seasons, Scott Page-Pagter was PR’s ADR director and coordinator as well as the voice of such memorable monsters as the Peckster, Pirantishead, and the indominable Porto.


Rajia is best known for her roles as Delphine, the White Aquitian Ranger in MMAR and PRZ as well as Jara on Big Bad Beetleborgs.


Known most as the rotund half of Bulk and Skull, Paul played the role of Farkas Bulkmeier for 7 solid seasons, from MMPR, through PRZ, PRT, PRiS, PRLG, and not to mention both movies. He’s also the show’s first and only actor to also direct whole episodes of the series.


Ow, his back! Steve has the distinction of being, as Rocky DeSantos, the second MMPR Red Ranger, the only PRZ Blue Ranger, and as the role of Rocko, the first Red Ranger of Earth. An accomplished martial artist, Steve especially loves pachinko, which is, as he refers to it, “Too fun!”


Over the course of two feature films and more than two hundred episodes, Jason Frank has played the longest tenured Ranger in series history, Dr. Tommy Oliver. For those unfamiliar with the character, welcome to Power Rangers!

And if you’re wondering who made the fabulous PMC logo, then that’ll be me! ^_^

(Courtesy: IvyDraken via Rangerboard)

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