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No English on PRLG DVDs

Earlier we reported that the German DVDs for Power Rangers Lost Galaxy were coming out soon, and every boxed set up until In Space has had both German and English tracks for the episodes. Well, here’s the quote from MarioRanger at Rangerboard. Read it and weep:

Sorry for the late answer, I got the message today: Power Rangers Lost Galaxy DVD-set has NO english audio on it. I really don’t know exactly why, but there was a problem with Disney.

For those who may not know, he’s been working for CoK (the company who produces the boxed sets), so he would know for sure. Although, with so many audio problems and missing English tracks from episodes, I’m not surprised. Why is the Power Rangers archive of episodes treated as such in the first place? It’s getting unnerving.

(Courtesy: MarioRanger via Rangerboard)

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Cause in the end Disney doesn’t care about it.

archer9234 added these pithy words on Jun 16 09 at 8:43 am