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More Guests for Power Morphicon 2010

Power Morphicon has updated with even more guests to the list:


A vocal auter supreme for decades, Robert is the one and only voice of Lord Zedd, the emperor of all he sees. In addition to his role as Finster in MMPR, Robert has also starred in countless classic Saban Entertainment programs and even lent his voice talents to PR’s spiritual ancestor Robotech!


Perpetually beloved as the multitalented Eugene Skullovitch, Jason Narvy is a riveting performer and teacher who can compel an audience with equal parts vaudevillian shtick and Shakespearean oratory.


Best known as Zack Taylor, the original Black Ranger, Walter Emanuel Jones has also charted a memorable television career with such roles as Harlan on Space Cases. These days Walter tears up the dance floor as a salsa instructor.


The skinless physical half of Lord Zedd, Ed Neil began his career on Power Rangers as part of the show’s original stunt team. He continued for almost ten seasons in a number of roles from the morphed Red MMPR Ranger, to Deviot’s suit actor, and out of costume as the recurring Lost Galaxy trooper Jasper.


As brainy Billy Cranston, David Yost was one of the original “teenagers with attitude” who propelled MMPR to monumental success around the world. David also spent one of the longest unbroken tenures on Power Rangers for main cast members.

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I can’t wait to see Ed Neil fend off questions from people that think he was also the voice. >_>

HeroPower added these pithy words on Jun 27 09 at 3:09 pm

i like all of the saga of power ranger

Brooke added these pithy words on Apr 08 10 at 9:32 pm