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Even More Guests for Power Morphicon 2010

Power Morphicon is at it again with updating guests. Really hope that people don’t cancel one by one though. At this rate, everyone from the show in the past 17 seasons is going to show up!


Known to PR fans as the voice behind Diabolico and Gluto, Neil Kaplan has had an illustrious career in voice acting, including numerous roles on Digimon and being only the second person to voice Transformers’ Optimus Prime!


The executive producer from PRSPD to PRJF, Bruce Kalish is a second-generation television writer who has been working continuously since the 1970’s. More recently, Bruce created the hit Disney series Aaron Stone.


Best remembered as Aisha Campbell, the fashionable second Yellow MMPR Ranger (and Earth’s first Yellow Ranger, Miss Alicia), Karan has had a variety of entertainment roles, from leader singer of the group “Krush” in the early 1990s, to producer/editor/co-writer/actress of the movie Devon’s Ghost alongside fellow PR alums Johnny Yong Bosch and Koichi Sakamoto.

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