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Upcoming Convention Appearances

Convention season is in full swing.  Our favorite Rangers-turned-voice-actors will be making the rounds once again.

Johnny Yong Bosch will appear at Otafest May 15 – 17 in Calgary.  See site for details.

Richard Epcar (Voice Actor from MMPR – Power Rangers Wild Force) will appear at Jacon May 22 – 24 in Jacksonville.  See site for details.

Patricia Ja Lee (Cassie from Power Rangers in Space) and Reuben Langdon (Stunt Actor from Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue) will appear at FanimeCon May 22 – 25 in San Jose, CA.  See site for details.

Robert Axelrod (Lord Zedd from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers) will appear at Anime Alabama June 5 – 7 in Mobile.  See site for details.

Johnny Yong Bosch and Robert Axelrod will appear at Anime Mid-Atlantic June 19 – 21 in Hampton, VA.  See site for details.


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