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Matt Austin in Taste Buds

Matt Austin has a new show on Canada’s TVO Kids block of programming.  The show is called “Taste Buds” and seems like a kiddie version of Good Eats. The show’s official site can be found here.

(Courtesy: anzupeach via Morph A Day)

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I saw this the other day and I knew the face was familiar.

Anne added these pithy words on May 14 09 at 11:05 pm

Hey everyone… is there any way of saving the new Matt Austin’s show taste buds to your usb stick? Send an e-mail or post a message. Will this very funny show be over in the uk? we needmore Matt Austin in the uk… there’s nothing on him, i can’t even get his movies over here. Ps… if you love Matt, don’t bother with the website in the libraries, it’s been banned… i don’t know why… we wan’t it back any one agree with me? see ya, gotta go. Samara

Samara added these pithy words on Jun 02 09 at 8:30 am