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Skylar Deleon – NOT A Former Power Rangers Star

I know the normal readers know the real deal, but just in case other folks happen to stumble upon this site, let the record show: No former Power Rangers star has ever been sentenced to death, nor has committed any murders. Skylar Deleon is not a star.

Many reports on the web have been getting this wrong time and time again, and after not even simply looking on IMDB to check out their facts, the misinformation still lingers.

So, to give you a final say-so on the matter, here are some visual aids:

Skylar Deleon is not Austin St. John

Skylar Deleon is not Walter Jones

Skylar Deleon is not Jason David Frank

Skylar Deleon is not David Yost

Skylar Deleon is not Johnny Yong Bosch

Skylar Deleon is not Steve Cardenas

(Although, if you tilted your head to one side…)

Skylar Deleon is not Blake Foster

And just to be on the safe side:

Skylar Deleon is not Amy Jo Johnson

Skylar Deleon is not Thuy Trang

Skylar Deleon is not Karan Ashley

Skylar Deleon is not Catherine Sutherland

Skylar Deleon is not Nakia Burrise

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Comments ( 5 )

I can’t believe people are buying into this junk! But it’s cool that you cleared things up.

Anne added these pithy words on Apr 12 09 at 11:25 pm

Ohhhh… so he’s Machiko Soga then, right?

Tom added these pithy words on Apr 17 09 at 7:41 am

It might be helpful to explain where the whole Deleon/PR connection came from. He was in one episode in 1994 (Second Chance). I wouldn’t know what to call him, he was one step above an extra (day player??) Another thing to mention is he’s too young. He was 14 when he did his episode, and because of the long hours, all of the rangers were above legal age. The youngest (Austin St. John) was already 18.

Brandon added these pithy words on Apr 20 09 at 1:45 am

Skylar Delon is a murderer and I will celebrate the day they lethally inject him.

Starla added these pithy words on Jul 11 09 at 8:27 pm

Skyler of the Lion needs/needed his head cut off; not his penis!

Duane Talbot added these pithy words on Mar 22 13 at 11:41 am