No Pink Spandex » Rangercast Interviews David de Lautour

Rangercast Interviews David de Lautour

The Rangercast podcast interviews David de Lautour (RJ from Power Rangers Jungle Fury). Check it out here.

(Courtesy: Rangercast)

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Great interview, although NPS is the only Power Rangers podcast I listen to regularly – not sucking up, it’s a fact. :] It’s cool of you to plug other podcasts.

“Stay away from the spandex – it doesn’t breathe!” Ha ha! I would have loved to hear Blake or Catherine say that. I’ve told you on Twitter, and I’ll tell you again, it’s a great catchphrase. Can’t wait for more from you.

Now if only I could figure out what to say for the voicemail…

Anne added these pithy words on Apr 04 09 at 10:00 am