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Mighty Morphin’ Jesus

In a recent article by Slam Sports reporter Neil Davidson, Jason David Frank’s new clothing line is “taking off”. Ok, that’s pretty plain and ordinary, but his clothing line is called Jesus Didn’t Tap. Here’s an except from the badly-needing-proofreading article:

A Christian himself, the 34-year-old Frank is a decorated karate black belt who teaches at his Rising Sun martial arts gym in Houston. Covered in muscles and tattoos – including a giant Jesus Didn’t Tap on his forearm, a likeness of four-year-old daughter Jenna on his chest and a variety of gambling designs on his beefy left bicep – the kickboxer says he hopes his product does some good.

“I sell shirts to all sorts of people because I don’t really judge any of them. I’ve got people coming up that are stumbling drunk buying a shirt and I feel if they buy that shirt they might wake up in the morning and go ‘Hey who bought this Jesus shirt? Wow, maybe I should go to church.’

“I’m just trying to reach out to as many people as I can.”

Frank proudly talks of the e-mails from customers “saying how they bought a shirt and it changed their life.”

“I had one guy bought a shirt here and he said ‘You know I had 20 kids in his basement and we saw this on Thiago Alves when he beat Matt Hughes (at UFC 85 in June in London) and I had to explain to all the kids what that meant, so I had like a little preaching ceremony going for about 30 minutes or so.”‘

Frank says the company is getting so many prayer requests, “it’s almost like a ministry in itself.” So he brought his aunt, a pastor, on board to handle those.

Who knew he was such Jesus homeboy? I can dig it. Now, if only the store didn’t have pink shirts for women. *points to name of site*

(Courtesy: jkahn913 from Rangerboard.)

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