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Following Up with Catherine Sutherland

Right after finishing the Interview with Catherine Sutherland, yet again, I FORGOT QUESTIONS! (January and February were rough months, lol!) Therefore, Catherine was so gracious to answer a bunch of follow-up questions below.

How did it feel replacing Amy Jo? Did you feel any pressure, or did you not think about it?

I did feel a lot of pressure replacing Amy Jo and coming onto an already established and very popular show. Kimberly was such a popular character. I didn’t become the pink ranger right away which was a smart choice by the producers because I think it got people used to seeing me before the changing of the zords. I think a lot of fans were very disappointed when Amy Jo left the show but they learned to accept me over time. I think the producers did the right thing casting someone very different from Amy to help people accept the change.

You made a return to Power Rangers for the special episode “Forever Red”. What made you return? (There were rumblings that you were suppose to return onscreen at the end of the episode with Tommy.)

I did a voiceover for Forever Red. Doug Sloan asked me to come back but I guess due to money and time restraints they changed their minds. I would have definitely come back. I guess Tommy and Kat were married in the end?? I never saw that episode.

Was that something Doug and crew brought up? Because there was an episode in Zeo where it flashes way into the future where Kat and Tommy had children…and grandchildren!

I think the the Tommy and Kat marriage was Doug’s idea. Not 100% sure.

You did mention working on the movie “The Cell” after Power Rangers? How did you come about working on that movie? (And did you meet Jennifer Lopez?)

The Cell was one of the best experiences of my life! I auditioned for Ann Marie Vicksey and got the role. At one point they almost switched me to play Julia Hickson but they had already flimed so much with the other actress that it would have cost production too much money to reshoot. Bummer! My role was cut down a little when the movie was too long. You can see a little more footage in the deleted scenes on the DVD. They took such good care of me on that set. I did meet Jennifer Lopez a few times. We will just leave it at that :)

[The Cell was one of the best experiences of your life?] How so?

The cell was amazing because it was such a big budget film and they spoiled me. I got to a chance to really act which I loved (even though most of the footage used was me dead as a doornail :) )

There was a particular prank pulled on the set of Zeo that involved your couch. Does that ring any bells? What was the deal with that?

Yes Jason Narvy (Skull) was the instigator of removing the couch and all my furniture from my dressing room. It was very funny. He is a prankster that one. :)

HA! I can see that from a mile away! Speaking of, what was it like working with Jason Narvy and Paulie Schrier?

I was good friends with Jason and Paul. We actually did a production of Hamlet together that Paul directed and produced. I adore both of them. Jason and I recently got back in touch. His is married and a professor! All grown up :)

Give a few words (rather, a lot of words ;-) ) about the following folks. If you’ve got any anecdotes, feel free to share those as well:

Karan Ashley

Karan is a sweetheart! She took me under her wing when I first arrived and didn’t know a soul. I was really sad when she left the show. However we did gain my beautiful friend Nakia.

David Yost

David is great. I probably knew him the least of anyone but he was always very kind to me. He was the quietest of all the guys that is for sure. I saw him once a few years after I left the show and he was producing. He seemed really happy.

Austin St. John

Austin has a big personality! I became friends with him before he came back to the show through my friend Danny who was one of our stunt guys. I always got on well with Austin. He was always a gentleman.

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Comments ( 7 )

a) Sorry to hear January and February were rough for you.
b) Just when I thought it couldn’t get better than your Blake interview, you got Catherine??? Dude, love, much love.
c) It’s cool that you are able to do follow up questions.
d) I love how real and organic the interview with Cat was. You were funny and natural and awesome. It’s like eavesdropping on a phone call between friends. Not as structured in editing as Blake’s interview.

Man, can’t wait to see/hear what else you got up your sleeve.

Anne added these pithy words on Mar 30 09 at 12:08 pm

Thanks a bunch! Tell all your friends to listen too!

Lisa J added these pithy words on Mar 30 09 at 6:36 pm

Wow, i agree with above comment from Anne. This interview was awesome and no one can take its place. Love Catherine, she’s such a sweetheart!

Jason added these pithy words on Mar 30 09 at 7:26 pm

Yes, Catherine is mega sweet!

And thanks!

Lisa J added these pithy words on Mar 31 09 at 11:42 am

You really out did yourself Lisa. I agree with Anne and Jason, i don’t care if you get an interview from Amy Jo Johnson, no interview from this moment on will matter anymore. Thank you! By the way, did you happen to ask what her husband does?

Rucci added these pithy words on Apr 11 09 at 6:41 pm

Thanks, Rucci! And no, I didn’t ask about her husband, but I did read at one point that he was an actor as well.

Lisa J added these pithy words on Apr 12 09 at 1:15 pm

Ya see i’m glad to hear there was more to the Tommy/Kat relationship as we witnessed in Zeo & it would of been interesting if Catherine had been brought back in DINO THUNDER like JDF was cus would of been interesting to see them grown up, married, have kids & balance being rangers. Don’t ya think? :-)

Jason added these pithy words on Mar 04 12 at 3:53 am