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Following Up with Blake Foster

After posting the Interview with Blake Foster in various places, outcries rang through the internet and challenged me on certain questions I forgot to ask. And I do have to admit, I missed some key questions. Therefore I got back in contact with Blake, and he happily answered the questions that most folks wanted to hear (that I haphazardly forgot to ask).

Recently Blake has joined the board Star Points Rangercast to answer fans’ questions, and one of the first questions he answers over there (that I forgot to ask) was what was it like working with Patricia Ja Lee, Selwyn Ward, Tracy Lynn Cruz, and Roger Velasco?

Selwyn was the homie!! Always smiling and laughing. Tracey was like a sister and she used to come over to my house. I’ll post pictures of that some other time, Roger was way cool. He REALLY taught me soccer, and Patty was always studying or riding a longboard skateboard!!!!

Then the following questions are from the wonderful folks from Rangerboard, and I shot Blake a quick email:

From Buzzs_Room: You got to keep your helmet and ranger suit with adult boots, how did the crew/staff allow you to keep it, and why did you sell it on Ebay?

I never sold it. I still have it. I had a manager named ken, and he ripped off some of my stuff, but that’s another story. He tried to sell it!!!!!! The reason I got to keep my costume was this. Shuki and Haim really liked me a lot. When I got the part, My folks and my sister and myself went to Shuki’s house for dinner and to meet the other Rangers. In Shuki’s entrance to the house, He had all the Rangers in costume standing at his fron door ( Inside).. The [mannequins] were so cool with those costumes on, and I ranted all night about how cool they were. Shuki finally told me, that when my Ranger days were done, I could have my costume, so it was put into the contract!

From Splush and Lisa J: Did you get to work with Austin [St. John] and Amy Jo [Johnson] while on the Turbo movie set? If so, how was it?

Yes I did! They were both great! As a matter of fact, Austin taught me some karate stuff, and Amy Jo and I did our ADR work together at Saban headquarters on Wilshire Blvd. I have pictures, and when I can dig them out, I’ll post them. Austin also jumped into my Limo at the [premiere] of Turbo a Power Ranger movie which was at the Grahman’s Chinese Theater on Hollywood Blvd where all the famous hands and feet in [cement] are. All the news stations were there to cover my being introduced as the NEW BLUE RANGER, and Saban had hired limos for all the Rangers individually, but the other cast members just were suppose to show up and be there. As our driver was coming around a corner onto Hollywood Blvd, I saw Austin walking, and I yelled out to him and he jumped into my limo!! Austins a great guy. He almost died because of his diabetes once while doing PRs. He didn’t show up for work, and didn’t answer the phone so production sent someone to his house and they found him in his back yard [unconscious] with his dog licking him. Amy was short. I was as tall as Amy Jo back then, I’d probably tower over her like she were kid now days.

From Buzzs_Room and Lisa J: What was it liked to return to In Space for that one episode “True Blue to the Rescue”? How did you end up returning to the show?

We got a call one day from my agent, and my agent said I was gonna do another episode. I said, “cool” and we did. After that I went on to do Casper with Hilary Duff. It just happened like that. Maybe they had to bring Justin back to leave it open so that one day he COULD return. “Well, if you ever need me, once a Ranger, always a Ranger”

When I went back to do that episode, all the OG Rangers were gone, and it was never the same. It was like Tracey, Patty, Roger and Selwyn were in those Power Ranger costumes, but the thrill was gone for me. They never had the “It” factor working for them and the magic that made the show what it was gone. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked all those guys, but when I cam back for In Space, I hung out with my homies on the set that had been family to me since I started. Banner, Lisa, Koichi, Taka, the alpha stunt guys, all the crew. Andros (Chris) was cool, I guess, but he was NEVER Tommy! And while I was doing that episode, Jason came on set to see other people, and I think Johnny did too. Roger was always cool with me and he was happy to see my return. I actually liked my episode, cuz it gave me a chance to do the Justin thing “One more Time”.

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Thanks for the followup, LisaJ! :]

I’m so glad you did an interview with Blake.

Anne added these pithy words on Mar 26 09 at 3:34 pm

Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it!

Lisa J added these pithy words on Mar 26 09 at 9:25 pm