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Thuy Trang and Former Co-star Meet Up

You know you love gossip. You know you do. And Jason David Frank is the reigning king of gossip. Since he’s been making his anime convention rounds, we all seem to learn a little bit every step of the way. Most recently, he attended Anime Festival Orlando, and he really had a lot to say about other people, lol! (And yes, he mentioned things about himself too.)

Here’s the link to the video clips that are already on YouTube. Highlights:

- Jason claims that he was going to be part of Kamen Rider Dragon Knight as one of the leads. Steve Wang, one of the producers of the show, called him up to be a part off it, but the “owner of the show” didn’t want him because of the Power Rangers association.

- Jason said that Blake Foster (Justin from Power Rangers Turbo) borrowed $2,500 from him to buy a go-kart, but then Blake’s family filed for bankruptcy and named Jason as one of the claims. Ouch!

- Jason claims that Austin St. John told the MMPR cast that he was mobbed by fans before the show even started.

But wait! There’s more!

I got an advanced copy of the Sunday panel in its entirety, and Jason doesn’t stop there! He joked about his time with Alyson Kiperman (Taylor from Power Rangers Wild Force) on MTV’s Undressed: Throwing her around and her getting a bit winded from certain…scenes, and how his kissing power lead her to become a Power Ranger. All jokes of course. But then he told a story about an awkward moment in a restaurant:

Jason and his agent were in a restaurant in Hollywood one time, and this was around 3 years after Austin St. John, Walter Jones, and Thuy Trang left the show. Jason and the agent take a seat, and guess which one out of the three waited on them? None other than Thuy Trang! Jason said he really felt bad that she was their waitress and wanted to ask her to join them.

Talk about life being an itchbay! May she rest in peace of course…

(Video courtesy: jkahn913 from Rangerboard.)

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