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Episode 18 Show Notes

- Jason David Frank won the Ruffman Contest and is teaming up with Jim Thomas to produce a pilot for the reality show “Warrior: Last Man Standing.” You can view his championship match here:

You can also learn more about the show from the following articles:

- Johnny Yong Bosch’s band Eyeshine is finally coming out with an album for sale. Their store will be up shortly at

- According to Doug Sloan, former Executive Producer of Power Rangers, Catherine Sutherland will be having a baby in 2 months! You can read his comment here:

- Jack Guzman is in a new movie called End of the Spear. It’s playing in select theaters, so visit the site to see if it’s playing in your town:

NPS News:

- Shows: I know I’ve been a bit haphazard with the shows, but I will work on having a more consistant schedule. I’m aiming for once a week this time around.

- Frappr: If you having stuck a pin on the NPS Frappr map, don’t be shy! If you’re worried about people knowing where you live, Frappr gets the area but not the exact location of your house, so you have nothing to fear :) It takes less than a minute to do, so add yourself today:

- Digg: is a technology news site that has the users post stories of interest, so I posted about NPS :) For a story to get popular, people have to “digg” it. So that’s what I’m asking you! Digg the NPS story:…finally_

- Ads: If you have or have not noticed, there are ads on the official site. To support NPS, click those ads every once in a while. We’d all love you!

- New Logo Request: NPS needs a new logo….badly. We’re looking for original work, no copyrighted material from other sources. The logo must be 300 x 300, and that’s it! Submit your logos to nopinkspandex[at] and whoever is choosen will get credited :)

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