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Upcoming for NPS

Hello everyone! Lisa J here to let you know about what’s to come for NPS. I want to make this podcast the best I can, so here are of the things to look forward to:

1) More Youmacon coverage! I have a lot of video footage that can last for many, many podcasts. In addition, I interviewed Bruce Kalish (Exec. Producer of Power Rangers SPD), Christian band Eyeshine (with Johnny Yong Bosch as the lead singer), and Chris Violette (Sky, Blue Ranger of Power Rangers SPD). Also did a podcast with the RangerBoarders at Youmacon, so stay tuned!

2) NPS Frappred! I’d like to know whose listening to No Pink Spandex, so Frappr allows you to see whose listening and where they’re from! If you’re worried about people knowing where you live, don’t be. I put in my zip zode, and where Frappr points out my location is nowhere near where I live, lol! So I ask for your cooperation, as it is hard to really keep track of how many people listen to this podcast.

3) Your calls! Ok, maybe not “calls” as of yet, but if you have a microphone and install Gizmo (don’t worry, it’s free), then you can leave a voicemail message for No Pink Spandex and ask me anything! Yes, anything! Doesn’t have to be Power Ranger related, although that would be funnier, lol! So, I’d like to see how this would work out. If you feel anxious, you can leave a voicemail today (Gizmo name: nopinkspandex)! I’ll make an offcial announcement in the next podcast or the one after the Youmacon podcast.

4) The No Pink Spandex Website! This LJ isn’t going anywhere, but it is hard to play with the layout, so I’ll be making a new site for NPS along with the many ways that anyone can subscribe to the podcast. Be on the look for that, and tell all your friends :)

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