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What is podcasting?

Podcasting is making audio files (most commonly in MP3 format) available online in a way that allows software to automatically download the files for listening at the user’s convenience.


What is No Pink Spandex?

NPS is a podcast hosted by yours truly, Lisa J. I tend to talk to quite a few people online, and we discuss Power Rangers, but then expand onto other topics including (but not limited to) school, sports, movies, friends, and just life in general. The format of the show is usually: News, Power Ranger topic, and then free-for-all. I will also try to add exclusive PR stuff as much as possible, so I hope you like my new podcast.

How do I download the episodes?

Podcasting has made it easier to download episodes automatically through a podcasting client, i.e. iTunes. There are two ways to get the latest (and previous) episodes:

1) Download the latest version of iTunes (For Mac or Windows). Then, you’d add the URL by clicking Advanced > Suscribe to Podcast. Then the podcast will show up in your list of podcast and will download episodes automatically!

2) Check out this site and Right Click + Save Target As on the episode link.

When will this air?

It’ll air at least once a week. You can add the feed url to your podcasting client or download manually from this site.

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